Ambia Hospital, Pirojpur, Barisal

Facility Identification

Division: Barisal

District: Pirojpur

District Code: 79

Facility Type: Private Hospital

Establishment Year: 1991

Type of Hospital: Mixed Hospital

Category: Primary Level Hospital

Patient Information

All kinds of patients come here for the treatment of their eyes.

The hospital has newly started providing services to the patients of eye diseases

Payment Provided by: Patients

Equipments and Instruments

The hospital has patient record form and desktop computer. Since the hospital provides primary care services, they do not have sufficient equipments.

Sl No Equipments Available Functioning Total Number
Available and observed Available but not observed Not Available Yes No Don’t Know
A Ophthalmic equipments  
a Slit Lamp
b Schiotz Tonometer
c Direct Opthalmoscope
d 90D/70D Lens
e Color Vision Plates
f Occluder
B. Refraction Equipments  
a Streak Retinoscopy
b Snellen vision chart
c Near vision chart
d Trial set with frame
e Mirror used in Refractive cubicle
f Torchlight
C Medical apparatus  
a Stethoscope
b BP machine
c Glucometer
d First Aid Box
e Single Drum Surgical Autoclave

Human Resources

Total Human Resources: 1

Senior Ophthalmologist: 1

Name of the Ophthalmologist: 1. Dr. Mahesh Dhali, Eye Specialist and consultant

Professional Degree: Diploma in Ophthalmology

Record keeping System: in Papers.