Sonia Nursing Home

Facility Identification

Division: Dhaka

District: Tangail

District Code: 93

Facility Type: Private Hospital

Establishment Year: 1985

Type of Hospital: Eye Hospital

Category: Primary Level Hospital

Size of the Hospital: The hospital doesn’t have it’s own land.

Patient Information

Patient Type: All types of patients from different ages visit the hospital.

Average number of patients per day: 30

Patient number in last year: 10000

Payment Provided by: Patients.

Equipments and Instruments

They have patient record form, referral form and desktop computer, internet modem but they do not have digital camera their hospital.

Sl No




Total Number

Available and observed Available but not observed Not Available Yes No Don’t Know
A Ophthalmic equipments
a Slit Lamp  


  yes     2
b Schiotz Tonometer   yes   yes     1
c Direct Opthalmoscope   yes   yes     1
d 90D/70D Lens     yes      
e Color Vision Plates   yes   yes     1
f Occluder     yes      
B. Refraction Equipments
a Streak Retinoscopy     yes      
b Snellen vision chart   yes   yes     1
c Near vision chart   yes   yes     1
d Trial set with frame     yes       
e Mirror used in Refractive cubicle   yes   yes     2
f Torchlight   yes   yes     2
C Medical apparatus
a Stethoscope   yes   yes     2
b BP machine   yes   yes     1
c Glucometer   yes   yes     1
d First Aid Box   yes   yes     1
e Single Drum Surgical Autoclave   yes   yes     1

Human Resources

Total Human Resources: 2

Ophthalmologist: 1

Ophthalmic Paramedics: 1

Refractionist: 1

Name of the Ophthalmologists: 1. Dr. Masud Morshed

Professional Degree: Diploma in Ophthalmology

Record keeping System: Papers