Ayesha Khanam Memorial Hospital

Facility Identification

Division: Dhaka

District: Tangail

District Code: 93

Facility Type: Private Hospital

Establishment Year: 2007

Type of Hospital: Mixed Hospital

Category: Primary Level Hospital

Size of the Hospital: The hospital have it’s own land. 15 Shatak

Patient Information

Patient Type: All types of patients from different ages visit the hospital.

Average number of patients per day: 30

Patient number in last year: 10,000

Payment Provided by: Patients.

Equipments and Instruments

Sl No Equipments Available Functioning Total Number
Available and observed Available but not observed Not Available Yes No Don’t Know
A Ophthalmic equipments
a Slit Lamp Yes Yes 1
b Schiotz Tonometer Yes Yes 1
c Direct Opthalmoscope Yes Yes 1
d 90D/70D Lens Yes Yes 1
e Color Vision Plates Yes Yes 2
f Occluder Yes Yes 1
B. Refraction Equipments
a Streak Retinoscopy Yes Yes 1
b Snellen vision chart Yes Yes 1
c Near vision chart Yes
d Trial set with frame Yes Yes 1
e Mirror used in Refractive cubicle Yes
f Torchlight Yes Yes 3
C Medical apparatus
a Stethoscope Yes Yes 3
b BP machine Yes Yes 3
c Glucometer Yes
d First Aid Box Yes Yes 2
e Single Drum Surgical Autoclave Yes

Human Resources

Total Human Resources: 2

Ophthalmologist: 1

Ophthalmic Paramedics: 1

Name of the Ophthalmologists: 1. Dr. Shamsher Ahmed

  1. Dr. Salam Siddiquee ( Visiting Doctor)

Professional Degree: Diploma in Ophthalmology

Record keeping System: Papers