250 Bed Moulvibazar District Hospital

Facility Identification

Division: Sylhet

District: Moulovibazar

District Code: 58

Facility Type: Government Hospital

Type of Hospital: Mixed Hospital

Category: Primary Level Hospital

Patient Information

All kinds of patients come here to take eye care services. The hospital provides all primary services in outdoor.

Patients per year: 700-800

Payment Provided by: Government

Equipments and Instruments

The hospital has:

Patient record Form

Sl No




Total Number

Available and observed Available but not observed Not Available Yes No Don’t Know
A Ophthalmic equipments  
A Slit Lamp yes     yes    
B Schiotz Tonometer yes    
C Direct Opthalmoscope yes    
D 90D/70D Lens yes    
E Color Vision Plates yes    
F Occluder     yes      
B. Refraction Equipments  
A Streak Retinoscopy   yes    
B Snellen vision chart   yes    
C Near vision chart   yes    
D Trial set with frame   yes    
e Mirror used in Refractive cubicle   yes    
f Torchlight yes     yes    
C Medical apparatus  
a Stethoscope   yes    
b BP machine   yes    
c Glucometer     yes      
d First Aid Box     yes      
e Single Drum Surgical Autoclave     yes        

Human Resources

Ophthalmologist: 1

Name of the Ophthalmologist: 1. Dr. Kamrul Hasan

Professional Degree: Diploma in Ophthalmology

Professional Training: Pediatric Ophthalmology

Record keeping system: in papers.

The hospital has started providing eye care services from 2013, they are hoping that after some time they will be able to provide better service to the patients.